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Hořejany is a village located in the southern part of the Central Bohemian Region, very close to Brdy
(Mountains) and about 5 km from the main road linking Písek with Prague.

We would be very pleased to welcome you to our country house in Hořejany. To make your stay pleasant
and comfortable, we strive to provide you the best possible service to ensure your complete satisfaction.
Your pets are welcome too.


The accommodation is ideal for families with children.


We offer you accommodation in a spacious and stylish apartment with the capacity of accomodating up

to six persons. You can spend your leisure time in many interesting ways -you can rent a bicycle, use our
infrared sauna or our pottery studio to create your own fantasy work of art. You can also try to make
your own glass product (coiled bead), made by hand over flame burner. A wide variety of our hand-made
pottery, glass jewellery - coiled beads or products from the processed sheep wool is available in our E-shop
or at:  or .

Our products are distributed overseas(from the United States to New Zealand).


The house offering the apartment and pottery studio is situated in the village square where it may be easily
found. You can see the apartment on the top photo and the whole country house on the photo below. .